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Madras On Rainy Days

by Samina Ali

Farrar, Straus, Giroux, New York. .
Review by Susan Chacko
16 February 2009Susan Chacko is a scientist in Maryland

Book Description: In the heat and clamor of the ancient city of Hyderabad, Layla and her mother, their faces veiled behind chadors, rush through the city's narrow alleys. It is two days before Layla's marriage to a man she hardly knows, and the family is in crisis. Layla has begun to defy the union the family has so carefully arranged for her. (book blurb).

shimmers with intensity. Marina Budhos, in the Star Tribune.
The world of Muslim women. Kenneth Champeon in Bookpage.
New York Times review
Liane Hansen talks with Samina Ali on NPR.
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