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Shaheen & Shameem Akhtar
The Eclipse. This documentary made by two Bangladeshi filmmakers focuses on gender crimes, in particular, on the punishments meted out to Bangladeshi women who marry out of their religion or have extramarital affa... (1995, )

Erika Surat Anderson
Lifting the Blackout: Images of North Korea. based on an American delegation's visit to North Korea in 1987.... (1998, )
None of the Above. A documentary about people of mixed racial heritage. It was inspired by her own dual-ethnic Indian/Danish background. ... (1994, ) [Sawnet Review]
Turbans. about a Sikh family in 1918 Oregon. Based on the memoirs of her own grandmother.... (, )
Questioning. about the treatment of Arab-Americans during the Persian Gulf War.... (, )

Rachel Antell
Acting on Faith. A documentary film that offers an intimate look at the lives and work of three American women -- one Buddhist, one Hindu, and one Muslim -- for whom faith, activism, and identity are deeply intertwine... (2005, ) [Sawnet Review]

Hima B
Straight for the Money: Interviews with Queer Sex Workers. A documentary exploring the lives of marginalized people -- lesbian sex workers in the sex industry.... (, )

Radhika Bordia & Natasha Badhwar
A Decent Samosa, Ya!. This film documents the fusion of sounds born out of the clash of cultures, the conflicts between generations, and a search, both internal and external, for a sense of identity in an alien, ever chang... (2004, 48 mins)

Parvati Balagopalan
Rules... Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula. ... (, )

Kavita Bali
Namaste Papaji. Narrative/Drama. ... (1997, 15 mins)
Urban Peacock. Narrative/Comedy.... (1994, 8 mins)
Distant Souls. Visual Poem.... (1993, 6 mins)
Aunti. Experimental.... (1993, 4 mins)
Image Kaleidoscope. Experimental.... (1993, 2 mins)
Birth of a Butterfly. Narrative/Visual poem. ... (1993, 4.5 mins)
To Serve One's Country. Animatic.... (1992, 3 mins)

Radha Bharadwaj
Basil. ... (1998, )
Closet Land. ... (1991, )

Shonali Bose
Amu. Kaju, a twenty-one-year-old Indian American woman returns to India to visit her family. The film takes a dark turn as Kaju stumbles against secrets and lies from her past. A horrifying genocide that t... (2005, 102 mins) [Sawnet Review]

Rani Grassi Breslow
Lighting the Lamp. Deepika, a young Indian woman, wants to complete her PhD before having children, but her mother-in-law is obsessed by her lack of grandchildren. Anand, Deepika's husband, is a mamma's boy who wants w... (, )
Turmeric Waters. A documentary that explores the coming of age ceremony of South India. The young girl is bathed in turmeric water to celebrate her first menstrual period. ... (, )

Veena Cabreros-Sud
Stretchmarks. An intimate and raw look at the interior life of a single mother.... (1996, 9 mins)
Sisters'n Brothers. A four minute experimental video about race, culture and relationships. Those four short minutes, full of images, historical flashbacks and pulsating music, pack a lot of punch. The film won the Grand... (, )
Mummers. About child-on-child violence. ... (, )
10 in America. Focuses on young motherhood in America.... (, )

Gurinder Chadha
Bride and Prejudice. A Bollywood update of Jane Austen's classic tale, where Mrs. Bennet is eager to find suitable husbands for her five unmarried daughters.... (2004, ) [Sawnet Review]
Bend it Like Beckham. Who wants to cook Aloo Gobi when you can bend a ball like Beckham? The daughter of orthodox Sikh parents wants to play professional soccer. ... (2002, )
A Nice Arrangement. Set in the London home of an Indian family on the morning of their daughter's wedding, A Nice Arrangement takes a wry look at the most prominent Indian obsession -- marriage. Meena, the young bride, c... (1994, )
Bhaji on the Beach. Meera Syal's script anchors a touching, witty film about a group of Indian women of varying ages on a trip to the beaches of Blackpool. Each woman is either escaping from a problem or looking for new ... (1993, )
Acting our Age. The residents of a home for South Asian elderly shoot their own video. Available from NAATA. ... (1992, )
I'm British But.... A witty and perceptive short film dealing with the Asians in Britain. Thus you have a Scottish/Pakistani sheep farmer, a Bangladeshi woman who lives in Belfast and an Indian girl who lives in Glasgow... (1990, )

Tanuja Chandra
Dushman. ... (, )

Priti Chandriana
Rani Hindustani. The story of a woman who has rebelled against many social traditions in the process of discovering her own identity, and today lives life on her own terms. Unable to come to terms with male insensitiv... (2003, 23 mins)

Sagari Chhabra
Now, I will Speak. ... (, )
Asli Azadi (True Freedom). [Hindi, with English subtitles/commentary]... (, )
Tatva (Essence). Tatva is the fictional story of a young single woman trapped in a male dominated metropolis. It traces the inner search of a woman - which leads her to not only find her own voice but also a rejuvenat... (, )
Hunger in the Time of Plenty. About starvation deaths in the time of food surplus.... (, )
Global Warming. ... (, )
Brides are not for Burning. on domestic violence.... (, )

Sarba Das
Mausi. How an old lady finds her way back to India. A family is planning a secret drug smuggling scheme and they're keeping their old-fashioned aunt Mausi out of the plans. In fact, they dream about killing ... (, )

Manjira Datta
Rishte. Following the story of Lali Devi, a mother of five daughters who poisoned herself and two of her daughters, Rishte explores the practice of male sex preference in India and how this led to her suicide... (1995, )
Democracy in Crisis. Surveys the Babri-Masjid/Ayodhya events religious strife in India. More about the film ... (, )

Meera Dewan
Amrit Beeja (Eternal Seed). With insightful interviews and rare footage from India's agricultural industry, this keenly observed film depicts Indian women's zealous struggle to maintain traditional farming practices. Examini... (1996, 43 mins)
Patent Pending. About exploitation of small farmers in India by multinational corporations (the Cargill issue). Based on research by Vandana Shiva.... (1994, 30 mins)
Gift of Love. An expose of dowry deaths in India.... (, )
HIghway to Hell. A Video Film on trafficking of girls for prostitution - from Nepal to India. Shot in Nepal and India.... (, 38 mins)

Deepa Dhanraj
Something like a War. A chilling examination of India's family planning program from the point of view of the women who are its primary targets. It traces the history of the family planning program and exposes the cynicism... (1991, )

Sabrina Dhawan
Saanjh -- As Night Falls. A harrowing story of a young mother whose baby dies on a remote train ride. The other passengers pressure her to throw the body out of the train as it crosses the Holy Ganges - with disastrous results... (1999, 20 mins)

Madhushree Dutta
Memories of Fears. About the fear of harassment on the streets, at work, and at home that shade the lives of women.... (, )

Nisha Ganatra
Cosmopolitan. Indian-born Gopal (Roshan Seth) is shocked when his wife (Madhur Jaffrey) and daughter (Purva Bedi) desert him in the American suburb he's called home for twenty years. Alone for the first time in his... (2003, )
Chutney Popcorn. A woman. Her girlfriend. A sister. Her husband. Their baby. A lighthearted look at the complications of surrogate motherhood, somewhere between New York and Indian-immigrant traditions. ... (1999, ) [Sawnet Review]
Drown Soda. deals with the life of a young girl, whose parents get divorced. Her father is Indian, mother is American. The mother has custody of their two children, and the father's interaction with his daughter ... (1997, 12 mins)
Junky Punky Girlz. A 12-minute humourous film about an Indian-American girl in New York's East Village who goes to get her nose pierced. ... (, 12 mins)

Aisha Gazdar
Roz-Qaza: Hibakusha Ki Aapbeti. [Urdu-Japanese] based on the true experiences of an atomic bomb survivor who visited Pakistan and India after both countries tested their nuclear devices in 1998. The survivors of the atomic bomb, cal... (2003, 30 mins)

(aka Gita Saxena) Gitanjali
New View, New Eyes. Shot on location in Bombay, Udaipur, Lucknow, Delhi and Toronto, this visual poem by a Canadian-based filmmaker, is about encountering a land never seen or imagined.... (1993, 50 mins)

Sonali Gulati
Nalini by day, Nancy by Night. A documentary on the outsourcing and off-shoring of American jobs to India as told from the perspective of an Indian immigrant living in the United States.... (, 27 mins) [Sawnet Review]

Meghna Gulzar
Filhaal. ... (, )

Vismita Gupta-Smith
For Straights Only. explores life for South Asian gays and lesbians. Told from the perspective of a straight sister about her gay brother, the film includes conversations with many South Asian gays and lesbians. These co... (, 20 mins)

Kaizad Gustad
Bombay Boys. The adventures of three young men in modern-day Mumbai (or Bombay). The boys are of Indian origin, but were all raised in the West. ... (1998, 105 mins) [Sawnet Review]

Nazli Jamil Haque
Women of Orangi. A documentary about how women changed a town's life for the better by selfhelp and leadership initiatives.... (, )

Jayashree Mazumdar Hart
Roots in the Sand. A documentary on the Punjabi-Mexican marriages of Southern California, shows how race-based laws of the 1920's and 30's created and shaped a bicultural community.... (1998, 60 mins)

Tanuja Desai Hidier
The Test. ... (, )
The Assimilation Alphabet. ... (, )

Honey Irani
Armaan. ... (, )

Madhurika Sona Jain
Vasarma's Lovers. Vasarma, the great Indian artist of the 18th century, is famous for his lost masterpiece, which he tore upon the death of his lover. Over 200 years later, one half of the same painting resurfaces in a... (2000, 12 min, fiction)

Laleen Jayamanne
A Song of Ceylon. A formally rigorous, visually stunning study of colonialism, gender and the body. The title echoes the classic British documentary and evokes a country erased from the world map. The soundtrack enacts... (, )

T. Jayashree
Many People, Many Desires. [Tamil-Kannada-English-Hindi] explores the status (legal, social, political, cultural etc.) of sexual minorities (hijras, kothis, double-deckers, gays, lesbians, transgender and other people oppressed... (2004, 46 mins)
In India, Saathin means friend. ... (, )
The Last Good Sari. This documentary weaves the filmmaker's own story of growing up in India while introducing us to women in Southern India. These stories reveal the power and strength of women helping each other break ... (, )

Ranjani Mazumdar & Shikha Jhingan
The Hidden Story. A nuanced look at the lives of four rural women. Available from Women Make Movies.... (, )

Shikha Jhingan
Once This Land Was Ours. A poetic documentary about women agriculture workers in India and their struggle to provide for their families. Although they work to produce food for others, they have increasing difficulties feeding... (1991, 19 mins)
Born to Sing. Through an encounter with the four Mirasans and their songs, the film explores a rich musical and oral tradition kept alive by these women across religious boundaries. What is the nature of their rela... (, 44 mins)

Kavita Joshi
Tales from the Margins. Twelve women disrobe publicly on the streets of Manipur, in protest? For over 6 years a young woman has been on a fast-to-death demanding justice; she is kept under arrest and is forcibly nose-fed. Wh... (2007, 23 mins)
A Brief Journey. examines the issues of 'madness', human dignity & relationships; a brief journey into the life of a mentally imbalanced woman determined to hit out against a callous world.... (, )

Malati Rao & Kavita Joshi
Some Roots Grow Upwards. Ratan Thiyam's theatre is steeped in the traditional performing arts of his home state of Manipur, a remote region on the north-eastern frontiers of India, under-developed & racked by insurgency. But... (2003, 55 mins)

Yasmine Kabir
Swadhinata (A Certain Liberation). Gurudasi Mondol gave herself up to madness in 1971, during the Liberation War of Bangladesh, as she watched her entire family being killed by the collaborators of the occupying forces. Thirty years l... (2003, 37 mins)
Direct-Direct. Video Singer Pothik Nobi (prophet of the road) creates a soundscape about thestreets of Dhaka, complemented with colorful views of Dhaka street life. ... (2003, 6 mins)
My Migrant Soul. The life of Shahjahan Babu, a young Bangladeshi migrant worker in Malaysia, showing how his dreams dissolve into desperation, despair and death in police custody. A searing indictment of the human cos... (2000, 35 mins)
Dushomoy (a Mother's Lament). The film recounts the story of the rape and death of Shima Choudhury in "safe" custody in Chittagong Central Jail in Bangladesh and calls for state accountability for the continuing practice of incarc... (1999, )

Sarah Kapoor
Don't Pass Me By. A story about an odd intersection of lives in the tourist town of Pokhara, Nepal. ... (1999, 40 mins)

Shekhar Kapur
Bandit Queen. Based upon the life of Phoolan Devi, who led a gang of dacoits in the Chambal Valley. ... (1994, 119 mins) [Sawnet Review]

Nighat Said Khan
Islam and Feminism. In 1989, Nafisa Hoodbhoy, a journalist, investigated the rapes of three on duty nurses in a hospital. One of the nurses was jailed, while the attackers were never tried. Since Hoodbhoy reported the st... (1991, 25 mins)

Swati Khurana
Two Thick Braids. An experimental video which uses a montage of animation, spoken word, and aging photographs to convey memories to reinvent personal and family history and historiography from the eyes of a 19 and 20 y... (1999, 4 min video)

Madhu Kishwar
Six Short Films. in Hindi: Liquor and State Policy, Dowry: Compulsion or need?, The Disinheritance of Women, India's Traditional Technologists, License Permit Raj: a view from below, Agriculture and Sarkari control. ... (, )

Indu Krishnan
Knowing her Place. A powerful and moving investigation of the cultural schizophrenia experienced by Vasu, an Indian woman who has spent most of her life in the U.S. Vasu's relationships with her mother and 92- year-old ... (1980, 40 mins)

Kalpana Lajmi
Daman. ... (2001, )
Rudaali. Stars Dimple Kapadia and Rakhee Gulzar. Set in Rajasthan, they are two trong independent women who survive in spite of the weak men in their lives and countless tragedies.... (1993, )
Ek Pal. ... (1986, )

Amy Laly
Jala Do - Torch the Pyre. A documentary essay about the Bombay riots of the early 1990s, told from the Muslim minority point of view. The video draws the conclusion that the "politicization of religious fundamentalism threaten... (, 20 mins) [Sawnet Review]

Aparna Malladi
Nupur. Nupur is a little girl who is visiting her ancestral house for the first time.... (, 10 mins)
Mitsein. ... (, )

Leena Manimekalai
Mathamma. The 20-minute documentary film captures a peculiar but exploitative practice of the folks of Arundhati community in Mangattucheri village near Arakkonam, Chennai. It is about the tradition of offering... (, )
Altar. An ethnographic documentary intervention on the prevailing customs and traditions of a community called Kambalathu Naicker hailing from the central parts of Tamil Nadu, whose customs of marriages leav... (, )
Waves after Waves. Explores how art forms magically rejuvenates the lives of children, disrupted by the major natural disaster Tsunami 2004.... (, )
Parai. Reveals the status of Dalit population in India with the South Indian village Siruthondamadevi as a classic example. "An injury to one is an injury to all" quoted by Martin Luther King is the baseline... (, 45 mins)
Break the Shackles. If not we who? A telling documentary on the challenges, the new economic policies pose before Dalits in India. Dalits, the victims of the three thousand year old Caste system in India, remain the unt... (, 50 mins)

Eisha Marjara
The Tourist. ... (2004, )
Desperately Seeking Helen. To the Indian film mecca of Bollywood and back, Marjara seeks out her childhood film idol, Helen. From Amritsar to Trois Rivieres, Desperately Seeking Helen enters a world of fantasy and unimaginable ... (1999, 80 mins) [Sawnet Review]
The Incredible Shrinking Woman. ... (1994, 10 mins)
24 hours. ... (1990, )

From the Burning Embers. An indictment of sati, highlighting the story of Roop Kanwar. The film places the incident in the context of the increased strength of religious fundamentalism in India in the 1980s, and the governmen... (, )

Shikha Jhingan & Mediastorm
The Hidden Story. A nuanced look at the lives of four rural women. Available from Women Make Movies.... (, )

Deepa Mehta
Midnight's Children. At the stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947, as India proclaims independence from Great Britain, two newborn babies are switched by a nurse in a Bombay hospital. Saleem Sinai, the illegitimate son of... (2013, 148 mins)
Water. Set in 1938 Colonial India, against Mahatma Gandhi's rise to power, the story begins when eight-year-old Chuyia is widowed and sent to a home where Hindu widows must live in penitence. Chuyia’s feis... (2005, 1hr, 54 min) [Sawnet Review]
Bollywood Hollywood. A light-hearted, family-friendly film which pokes fun at traditional Indian stereotypes, as well as at Bollywood (it features several Bollywood-style song-and-dance numbers). ... (2002, 105 mins) [Sawnet Review]
Earth. Based on Bapsi Sidhwa's "Cracking India", a searing story set around the India-Pakistan Partition of 1947. ... (1999, ) [Sawnet Review]
Fire. Set in contemporary India, Fire is the bold and compelling story of two sisters-in-law who break the bonds of obedience and tradition to start a new life together. Stars Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das.... (1996, ) [Sawnet Review]
Camilla. A story about two women, one young and one old, who get a second chance at love. Stars Jessica Tandy and Bridget Fonda. ... (1994, )
Sam and me. 23-year-old Nikhil comes to Canada from India to find his fortune and is convinced by his uncle to work as a companion and care-giver to Sam, an elderly Jewish man. Their unlikely friendship gives bot... (1991, )

Nirmal and Ranjani Mendis
The Shattered Pearl. reports on the war in Sri Lanka, the human rights abuses, and the women who continue to struggle for justice and peace. ... (, )

Michelle Mohabeer
Blu in You. A poetic-essayist rumination mediated through the lens of a female observer, who watches the staged conversations between a writer (Nalo Hopkinson) and a visual arts curator (Andrea Fatona). The aest... (2008, 50 mins)
Coconut/Cane and Cutlass. A rich lyrical tapestry of imagery shot on location in Guyana melded with dramatic scenes shot in Toronto to communicate a complex, lyrical and touching rumination on exile and displacement. Narrated... (1993, 30 mins)

Reena Mohan
Skin Deep. The search for femininity and how it permeates the self-image of contemporary Indian women. Script by Paromita Vohra.... (1998, 83 mins)

Balvinder Djejan Mudan
The Pyre. A melancholy performance of the contradictory characters that Indian women are expected to play and deal with in their everyday lives. The complex montage of sari-draped mannequins is accompanied by t... (1997, 5 mins)

Balvinder Djenjan Mudan
Square-Shaped Fingernails. Is my nose Punjabi?2 In this intimate exploration of the Indian diaspora, Mudan examines the physical evidence of her heritage, and the connections that continue to be made across seas and across gene... (1999, 18 mins)

Mira Nair
Vanity Fair. Based on William Thackeray classic novel, Vanity Fair is a period tale set in post-colonial England. Filmed entirely on location in the UK and India. Reese Witherspoon stars as Becky Sharp, a woman wh... (2004, ) [Sawnet Review]
Monsoon Wedding. An arranged marriage in India brings together far-flung relatives, tradition, modernity, irreverence, innocence and sexuality in a Punjabi family in contemporary Delhi. ... (2001, ) [Sawnet Review]
The Laughing Club of India. Looks at the phenomenon of Bombay's popular laughing clubs, which bring people together to promote healing and well-being. Bombay residents, mostly middle class, meet early in the morning with their i... (1999, )
Kama Sutra. Inspired by Wajeda Tabassum's short story Utaran (Hand-Me-Downs), Kama Sutra is the story of a princess and a maid and a king and a sculptor, who share each other's beds in various combination... (1996, ) [Sawnet Review]
The Perez Family. An unlikely group of Cuban refugees becomes a "family" to improve their chances of being admitted into the US.... (1995, )
Mississippi Masala. Sarita Choudhury is part of a family who left Uganda during Idi Amin's purge, and now live in Mississippi. She falls in love with Denzel Washington, who is African-American, and their liason awakens... (1991, 130 mins) [Sawnet Review]
Salaam Bombay. The story of a 10-year-old boy on the streets of Bombay, living among the pimps, pushers and drug addicts, trying to avoid the police while helping a young girl who has been sold into prostitution. ... (1988, )
Children of a Desired Sex. A documentary about amniocentesis and gender selection of children.... (1987, )
India Cabaret. Focuses on a group of strippers who work in a Bombay nightclub.... (1985, 60 mins)
So Far From India. Ashok Sheth is an Indian immigrant who has come to New York to seek a better life for his family. Once here, he postpones sending for them. Money is scarce and he is growing away from the traditional ... (1982, ) [Sawnet Review]
Jama Masjid Street Journal. ... (1979, )

Sree Nallamothu
Patriot Acts. explores the human cost of the Bush Administration's controversial Special Registration immigration program. Inspired by national security concerns and facilitated by the USA PATRIOT Act, Special Regi... (2004, 58 mins)

Meena Nanji
View from a Grain of Sand. A journey through the last 30 years of Afghanistan's history as lived by 3 Afghan women. Film website with lots of information and links. ... (2004, )
Living in Colour. An upbeat and light-hearted and look at the lives of four 2nd generation South Asian youth, born and raised in L.A. Their dreams and challenges are articulated with a mix of thoughtful self-reflection... (2002, 45 mins)
Voices of the Morning. shows a young woman growing up under orthodox Isalmic law and her attempts to find her own identity. The film's third person narrative and appearances by Mississippi Masala star Sarita Choudhury make ... (1992, 15 mins)

Sushma Narain
Breaking the Barriers. Looks at the state and community's response to domestic violence.... (1999, 59 mins)
SELF HELP GROUPS: People's Structures against Poverty. ... (1998, )
A Matter of Perspective. targeted at teenage audiences.... (1998, )
Indian Women: From Rhetoric to Reality. An eight-part series:
At the Crossroads examines the overall impact of the constitutional mandate of equality for the sexes.
Women and Violence takes a macro-level look at viol... (1997, )

Farah Nousheen
Nazrah. An intimate look at a diverse group of Muslim women living in the Pacific Northwest in the USA. The women discuss their views on Islam, current political events and how they reflect on the image of Is... (2003, 55 mins)

Sharmeen Obaid
Re-Inventing the Taliban. brings a uniquely personal perspective to the disturbing rise of radical Islamic fundamentalism within Pakistan. It follows Sharmeen Obaid, a young Pakistani woman, as she travels into North West Paki... (2004, 54 mins)
On a Razor's Edge. . A train is now allowed to cross the India-Pakistan border, and FRONTLINE/World correspondent Sharmeen Obaid boards this "peace train" in India and travels home to Pakistan to see how people are reac... (2004, 24 mins)
Terror's Children. For ten weeks in the summer of 2002, Sharmeen Obaid followed the lives of eight Afghan refugee children in the city of Karachi, who had been forced to flee their war ravaged homes in Afghanistan, oft... (2003, 45 mins)

Mahera Omar
The Garage School. [Urdu-English] In November 1999, Shabina Mustafa's maid was refused admission to the neighborhood sewing class. "She cannot read or write," they said. And thus, the Garage School was formed. This is a... (2004, 17 mins)

Piyush Dinker Pandya
American Desi. About a group of American desis... (2001, 100 mins) [Sawnet Review]

Sai Paranjpe
Papeeha. ... (1994, )
Disha. About the rural people who flood into Bombay looking for work, with cheerfulness and tenacity in the face of all odds. ... (, )

Pratibha Parmar
Sita Gita. A half hour drama monologue performed by Nina Wadia exploring the duality of a young Asian woman's life. Sita is a hard working student studying law and taking care of her father and brothers while Gi... (2000, 24 mins)
The Righteous Babes. explores the intersection of feminism with popular music, focusing on the role of female recording artists in the 1990s and their influence on modern women.... (1998, 50 mins)
Brimful of Asia. The explosion of 2nd Generation Asian talent in mainstream British culture features musicians Talvin Singh, Asian Dub Foundation and Cornershop as well as fashion designers and writers.... (1998, 24 mins)
Wavelengths. This stylish, witty and warm movie set in gay bars, in dreams, in adverts and cyberspace delights in the gloss of the world it depicts as it explores one womans foray into cybersex looking for emotion... (1997, 15 mins)
Jodie: An Icon. A fast paced, breezy look at the transatlantic phenomenon that has made Hollywood actress Jodie Foster an icon for lesbians who identify with, adore and celebrate the screen personas of her remarkable... (1996, 25 mins)
The Colour of Britain. looks at the work of renowned South Asian artists who are at the forefront of redefining British culture. Available from NAATA. ... (1994, 55 mins)
Memsahib Rita. Shanti's face is brown and painfully Indian, even though her mother was a beautiful white woman. Can Shanti survive in London's East End, with the ugliness of racism around her and the bitter memories... (1994, 20 mins)
Warrior Marks. ... (1993, ) [Sawnet Review]
A Place of Rage. This exuberant celebration of African American women and their achievements features interviews with Angela Davis, June Jordan and Alice Walker. ... (1991, 54 mins) [Sawnet Review]
Khush. For South Asian lesbians and gay men in Britain, North America, and India, the term captures the blissful intricacies of being queer and of colour. Inspiring testimonies bridge geographical difference... (1991, 24 mins) [Sawnet Review]
Flesh and Paper. ... (1990, 24 mins)
Memory Pictures. A beautiful composed profile of gay Indian photographer, Sunil Gupta, and the way his work portrays issues of sexual and racial identity in relation to personal and familial history.... (1989, 26 mins)
Sari Red. Made in memory of Kalbinder Kaur Hayre, a young Indian woman killed in 1985 in a racist attack in England, Sari Red eloquently examines the effect of the ever-present threat of violence upon the lives... (1988, 11 mins)
Flesh and Paper. In 1986, Suniti Namjoshi and Gillian Hanscombe published a selection of poems entitled Flesh and Paper. The poems are a dialogue between the two women as friends, poets and lovers. This film features ... (, 26 mins)

Shireen Pasha
The First Step. A documentary from Pakistan about educating women. The film shows a Pakistani village where literacy is changing the lives of girl children.... (, )
Before It's Too Late. ... (, )
Only One Way. ... (, )

Grace Poore
The Children We Sacrifice. An evocative and visually powerful documentary about incestuous sexual abuse of South Asian girls. Available from Women Make Movies. ... (, )

Ligy J. Pullappally
The Journey. Kiran and Delilah meet as children, and though they couldn't be more different, from the moment their eyes lock, they are drawn to one another. Delilah (Shrruiti Menon) blossoms into a fiery irrevere... (2004, 107 min)

Aruna Raje
Tum - A Dangerous Obsession. ... (, )
Bharavi. ... (, )
Shaque. ... (, )

Kavita Joshi & Malati Rao
Some Roots Grow Upwards. explores the creative canvas and politics of Ratan Thiyam, acclaimed theatre director, against the backdrop of this query. For over 25 years now, Ratan Thiyam has been creating a theatre that is as vi... (2002, 52 mins)

Kay Rasool
My Journey, My Islam. looks at some of the questions that Muslim women in the West ask themselves: what is Islam's relationship to me and mine to it? Available from Women Make Movies ... (, )

Phir Milenge. An adaptation of Jonathan Demme's Philadelphia, Phir Milenge is a love story threaded with the specter of AIDS. Shilpa Shetty plays a young women whose brief relationship leads to a diagnosis w... (2004, )
Mitr - My Friend. Lakshmi, a middle-aged woman who has kept the home fires burning while her husband shoots to Silicon Valley success, finds herself in the empty nest syndrome as her 18-year-old daughter moves out and ... (, )

Sheba Saeed
Beggars of Lahore. A journey into the streets of Lahore, Pakistan's second largest city and cultural hub to discover what compels the beggars to beg and what measures have been placed by the government and non-governmen... (2009, 46 mins)

Ritu Sarin
The New Puritans: The Sikhs of Yuba City. Forced economically from their farms in the state of Punjab, the first Sikh immigrants came to California in the early 1900s, creating a rural life that mirrored their native India. This film lucidly ... (, )

Sanjna Singh & Pia Sawhney
Out of Status. In post 9/11 America, the curtailment of civil liberties in the name of national security has had an enduring impact on individuals of Muslim background. This community has been alienated by selective... (2004, 11mins)

Aparna Sen
Mr. and Mrs. Iyer. Aparna Sen's daughter plays Meenakshi Iyer, a conservative Tamil Brahmin housewife who travels on a bus journey with Raja, an apparently dependable photographer who turns out to be Muslim. Their bus j... (2002, )
Yugant. ... (1995, )
Picnic. ... (1989, )
Paroma. A respectable Bengali housewife loses her heart to a visiting photographer, and what's worse, refuses to repent as the family demands.... (1984, ) [Sawnet Review]
36 Chowringhee Lane. ... (1981, )

Gargi Sen
A Journey together. [English] About 4 women, the founders of Action India in Delhi.... (1998, 70 mins)
Of Hosts and Hostages. [English] Effect of tourism on ecology, economy, culture, focusing on Goa.... (1998, 81 mins)
Where Healing is a Tradition. [English] Presents traditional women healers who practise folk medicine in communities with no other access to medical services.... (1997, 30 mins)
A Healer is Born. Women in a draught-prone area near Pune are empowered by their understanding of the political economy of health.... (1997, 40 mins)
Imagine Kalpana. [English] About Kalpana Dutta, an eminent freedom fighter.... (1997, 30 mins)
Carrying their Voices. [English] Video about the activities of an NGO in Rajasthan.... (1995, 9 mins)
In Search of Green Gold. [English-Hindi] The relationship between tribes and forests.... (1995, 45 mins)
Indravadan Modi. [Hindi] Real-life story of the owner of one of India's leading pharmaceutical companies.... (1995, 26 mins)
Innette Perunthachan. [Malayalam - English] About the marginalization of wood craftsmen of Kerala.... (1994, 26 mins)
Ballad of Builders. [English-Hindi-Tamil] The rights of construction workers.... (1993, 60 mins)
Niyogi Zinda Hai. Bhilai workers struggle even after the murder of their leader Shankar Guha Niyogi in Sep 91.... (1992, )
Because of Our Rights. The struggle of forest dwellers to re-establish their lost traditional rights.... (1989, )

Mitra Sen
Just a Little Red Dot. An award winning video about the value of cultural diversity and the importance of eliminating discrimination. This is a true story shot by the teacher, Mitra Sen, in Tam O'Shanter Junior Public Schoo... (, )

Aradhana Seth
Dam/Age. A film about the grassroots resistance to the Narmada Dam project, wrapped around the related court case against Arundhati Roy.... (2002, 49 mins)

Nadya Shah
Neither Coal Nor Ashes. About 'stove deaths' of women in Pakistan.... (, )

Samia Shoaib
Camilla. A visually stunning short film shot in lush black and white about a young woman coping with the difficult decisions of an unwanted pregnancy. It's poetry in celluloid, visuals with hardly any need for... (1995, )

Beheroze Shroff
A Life Before Death. Focuses on the rehabilitation of "joginis" in Varni village Andhra Pradesh. Joginis or "temple prostitutes" are rural women who are sexually exploited as prostitutes.... (1996, )
Sweet Jail: The Sikhs of Yuba City. documents the immigrant experience of three generations in one family, the first East Indian family in Yuba City, Northern California. Seventy-six year old Nand Kaur Singh and her daughters and grands... (1985, )

Nandini Sikand
In Whose Name?. A filmic essay inspired by a changing political landscape. It explores the co-opting of icons by right-wing and national agendas. Filmed in India and the US, this experimental short is told through p... (2004, 11 mins)
Amazonia. In a highly personal and visually evocative testimonial, the filmmaker poignantly presents her sister's triumphal recovery from the emotional and physical scars of breast cancer. Lyrically incorporat... (2001, 8 mins)
Don't Fence Me In. is the coming-of-age story of a young woman in post-colonial India, which weaves together old home movies, poetry, photographs, letters, and a voice-over narration. 55 min, 1998. "It is the experienc... (1998, 55 mins)
The Bhangra Wrap. explores the world of hip hop, rap and Bhangra of young South Asians in Canada and New York. Available from NAATA . ... (1995, )

Nidhi Singh
Khush Refugees. Rahul, an immigrant from India, and Dante, an ex-marine from suburban Ohio, try to assimilate into San Francisco's gay culture only to find that in a community of exiles, one is always a refugee. Sing... (, )

Sarah Singh
The Sky Below. A contemporary exploration of the creation of Pakistan and the 1947 Partition of the Indian Subcontinent, weaving together 5000 years of culture, while investigating the lingering after-effects of thi... (2010, 75 mins)

Sabiha Sumar
Khamosh Pani (Silent Waters). The story of a Sikh woman who defies death at Partition, marries a Muslim, practises Islam and settles down to an outwardly contented existence, until her past and present collide in tragedy.... (2004, )
Who Will Cast the First Stone. Examines the impact of Islamization on women in Pakistan, revealing oppression and injustice which has led Pakistani women to the forefront of the political struggle for equal rights. (Available from... (, )
Don't Ask Why. Examines the dreams and aspirations of the new generation of Pakistani and Indian women through the life of Anousheh, a seventeen-year old Muslim girl living with her strict parents in Karachi, Pakist... (, 58 mins)

Shashwati Talukdar
Retro/Action. explores the psychological experience of trying to remember.... (, )
Snake-Byte. Appropriating transcripts from a prime-time news show, this video looks at the career of a criminal, Charles Sobhraj. (With Dina Mendros)... (, )
Unable to Remember Roop Kanwar. examines the middle class values that support Sati.... (, )
Ravings of a Geometry Lover. What do Pythagoras, beans and travel have to do with each other?... (, )
My Life as a Poster. A fake autobiography designed to stimulate debate about cultural representations.... (, )
Rumination and Advice from Dr. Abbey Polk. explores ideas about sexual promiscuity and takes a humorous look at sex.... (, )
Any Number You Want. explores the quantification of chaos.... (, )
My Feet Remember Movement. examines `body memory.'... (, )

Shanti Thakur
Seven Hours to Burn. After the death of her grandmother, an Indian/Danish woman reflects on the challenges her parents' romance faced and how it plays on her own self-image. Available from Wom... (2000, 9 mins)

Tania Trepanier
Sugar and Spice. Radha and Anna are expecting a visitor from India. In anticipation of her aunt's arrival, Radha uncharacteristically covers up evidence of her relationship with Anna, while Anna is determined to impre... (, )

We. is a fast-paced 64 minute documentary that covers the world politics of power, war, corporations, deception and exploitation. It visualizes the words of Ar... (2006, 64 mins)

Shona Urvashi
Chupke Se. ... (2003, )

Nilita Vachani
When Mother Comes Home for Christmas. About a Sri Lankan domestic worker in Greece.... (, )

Usha Venkatachallam
Smoke/Smokescreen. An experimental documentary shot in Washington DC and in India, Smoke / Smoke Screen shows us both the Indian process of preparing a meal and the filmmaker's process of preparing the finished film.... (, 18 mins) [Sawnet Review]

Shabnam Virmani
Tu Zinda Hai!. [Hindi] Simple words and glowing faces depict the story of three women social workers who triumph over personal loss and tragedy to empower themselves and other women in need, in the face of complex d... (1996, 49 mins)
When Women Unite: The story of an uprising. he film narrates the incredibly moving story of the anti-arrack (state-supplied distilled liquor) movement that led to the eventual ban of arrack sales in Andhra Pradesh in 1995. The movement started ... (, )

Paromita Vohra
Unlimited Girls. UnLimited Girls is an exploration of engagements with feminism. Told through the conversations of a narrator called Fearless who starts accidentally in a chatroom and embarks on a journey where she en... (2002, 94 mins) [Sawnet Review]
A Woman's Place. A documentary about women, law, and social change around the world for PBS. Can new laws change old ways? Or must we wait for new ways to usher in new laws? Advocates for women's rights have frequent... (, )
Annapurna: Goddess of Food. (Documentary, colour, Betacam, Hindi/Marathi English subtitles) Set in the lanes and by lanes of central Bombay's mill area, the film is a portrait of a women's group named Annapurna. Started in 1975... (, 25 mins)
A Short Film about Time. (Fiction, English, Digital Video, Colour) A Short Film About Time depicts the sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always shifting relationship between a young woman with a broken heart, her psychother... (, 11 mins)

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