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The Sawnet Discussion List

SAWNET (S outh Asian Women's NETwork) started as a discussion email list, and this web site is a spinoff.
The list and web site are forums for South Asian and any other women interested
in issues relevant to South Asian women.
`South Asia' is taken to include Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

The list is open for all topics that interest the members. Typical topics include political, social, and personal subjects.

The list is restricted to women only, and to those over the age of 18, by the consensus vote of the members. Please respect this decision, and do not subscribe to Sawnet if you are under 18 or male. The group is not, of course, restricted to South Asian women only -- all women with an interest in South Asian issues are welcome to join. Group accounts, shared accounts, or women using another person's account cannot be subscribed.

Before you subscribe, please read the Sawnet list policies.
Women over 18 who are interested in subscribing to Sawnet should
send a message to sawnet-request AT
with the body of your message saying simply:

Subscribers can unsubscribe themselves via the web. If you are going on vacation and don't want to receive digests while you are gone, you can set your subscription to 'No Mail'. This means that you are still a subscriber but won't be receiving digests until you reset this option. You can also unsubscribe or temporarily stop mail by sending email to sawnet-admin AT

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