A Support Group for People of Alternative Sexualities

Good as You is a social and intellectual space for LesBiGay (lesbian, bisexuals, gays and other sexual minorities) people.

Good As You aims to:

Good As You started in February 1994.It is a safe space for LesBiGay people to discuss, debate, share views ands information which will help them to come to terms with their sexuality. It has had at least a thousand participants over the last 5 years.

Good As You meets every week. Discussions in the group range from issues on LesBiGay rights and the paths to tackle homophobia; from discussion on coming out to family, friends and colleagues to relating personal experiences to the group and other activities to make people comfortable with their sexuality.

Besides this, Good As You also brings out a quarterly newsletter in both English and Kannada called "Sangha Mitra".

Good As You helped sponsor the first ever rights seminar organized in India by some students of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. Among other plans is to set up a helpline and support center for LesBiGay people in the next few months.

Address for correspondence:

Good As You 
C/o Samraksha
No. 402 Ground Floor
4,5&6 Lalbagh Road
Phone: 5475571
Email: goodasyou@hotmail.com

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