Bangladesh Women's Organization


What is Samhati?

Samhati, a non-profit organization of Bangladeshi women in the greater Washington area, was formed in November 1984. The purpose of the organization is to fund projects in Bangladesh, specifically aimed at improving the social and economic conditions of women and children.

Current projects and activities

With financial support from Samhati, Mahila Parishad, a prominent women's organization in Bangladesh, has been able to run a center, known as 'Rokeya Shadan' for abused and homeless women and children in Dhaka. The Center provides food, shelter, clothing, counseling, education, and training for women who otherwise have dim prospects for their future. Women who previously had few or no options are now attending schools to be productive members of society. In the process, they are gaining economic freedom and thereby developing their own self-esteem.

Although Samhati's major program is funding Rokeya Shadan, Samhati also contributes to several smaller rural agencies in Bangladesh to encourage their developmental activites.

Samhati has also helped in emergency situations by raising money and collecting clothing, mediciens, and other needed supplies for the victims of floods and cyclones in the past few years.

To sustain our activities more effectively, Samhati recently helped Mahila Parishad to purchase its own building which will serve as Rokeya Shadan, a training and rehabilitation center. In emergency situations this center will also serve as a relief shelter. The Center will cost 3.3 million taka ($100,000).


To support these projects, Samhati undertakes a variety of fund-raising activities throughout the year. Such activities include:
  • Accepting membership fees.
  • Hosting benefit dinners.
  • Participating in food and handicraft sales at ethnic fairs.
  • Holding community garage sales.
  • Presenting cultural shows.

    Future projects

    Samhati would like to expand its program to provide counseling and referral services for sub-continental women in the Washington metropolitan area. The main objective of this program would be to minimize the difficulties faces in adjusting to life in a new country.

    How you can help

  • Donations of cash, food, gifts, medicines and clothing.
  • Volunteer services.
  • Membership (open to all women). Your contribution can change the life of a destitute woman. With a little help from you, she can attend school and get a job. You can make it happen. The annual membership fee is $10. Life membership is $100.
    For further information about Samhati, contact:
    Mrs. Jahanara Hasan
    (202) 342-8393 (office)
    (703) 534-4721 (home)

    or write

    Selima Faruqee
    President, Samhati
    6108 Robinwood Road,
    Bethesda, Md 20817.

    For counseling and referral services, call:

    Mrs. Selima Faruqee, M.A., M.S.W,
    (301) 229-6597

    Mrs Noorjahan Bose M.S.W
    (202) 244-1400 (office)
    (301) 229-8535 (home)


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