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Domestic Violence

If you know someone who may be a victim of such violence, encourage them to seek help by contacting an organization dealing with domestic violence/women's rights/other social injustice in their city, state or country. Often, such organizations have information about sister organizations in other areas. It is also a good idea to get help of other S. Asian women in your area, especially a doctor (a gynaecologist, e.g.) or a lawyer.

-- Domestic Violence Hotlines and resources from
Out Against Abuse -- fighting against gender abuse in the South Asian community.
--Hot Peach Pages, a list of abuse organizations and help lines worldwide. The site includes abuse information in 55 languages, including Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil.
--Child Abuse
-- Legal issues, for battered women and others.
-- Counsellors, psychiatrists, social workers and mental health professionals who are culture-sensitive and sympathetic to g/l/b issues. Compiled by Trikone-Tejas.
-- Handbook for brides from India, by Anuradha G.
-- Gangashakti is a self-help and support group for men and women who are currently in crisis in arranged marriages, or are being forced into marriage.
-- A bibliography of violence-related information is at the end of this page.


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This website is no longer being updated.
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