Sep 13, 2017, 6:48 PM ET

Trump to host Schumer and Pelosi for dinner to discuss DACA, health care after flurry of meetings


One week after allying himself with Democratic congressional leadership on efforts to raise the debt limit and provide money for hurricane relief, President Donald Trump will host the Senate and House Minority Leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi for dinner at the White House to discuss DACA and health care Wednesday night.

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Trump's newfound working relationship with Schumer and Pelosi comes to the chagrin of some Republicans who last week opposed the bipartisan three-month deal to keep the government running. The president worked with Democrats despite a competing strategy backed by GOP leadership and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to push for a longer deal.

The focus of Wednesday's dinner, according to sources familiar with the meeting, will be to discuss protections for so-called Dreamers, undocumented immigrants currently protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, which the administration said last week it would end in six months. The trio will also talk about efforts to stabilize health insurance markets.

Ahead of her dinner with Trump, Pelosi and other top House Democrats huddled with House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy on a potential legislative fix for DACA.

"It's a move to press him to bring legislation to the floor and highlight the importance of the issue and the fact that we can't wait," Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La, the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus told ABC News ahead of the meeting. "The uncertainty is unhealthy for the country it's unhealthy for the Dreamers, it's something we should dispose of since there's will on the Republican side."

On the issue of the DACA program and the status of the Dreamers, Democrats are also preparing to collect signatures for a discharge petition to force action on the Dream Act. Democrats need 24 Republicans to sign on in order to reach the 218 threshold to bring the measure to the floor.

Pelosi told reporters it was a "good meeting," as she left Ryan's office for a round of votes Wednesday evening.

Trump's Wednesday dinner with Democratic leaders follows a bipartisan White House meeting with the president and House members from both parties, including a number of key moderate House Democrats. Trump also dined Tuesday night with several Republican and Democratic senators to discuss tax reform.

Rep. Josh Gottheimer, D-NJ, a leader of the House Problem Solvers Caucus, said the White House legislative affairs office invited him and other members to discuss health care, tax reform and infrastructure Wednesday afternoon.

"I'm hoping this is part of a new era of bipartisanship. Because that's what people want," he said.

Rep. Tom Reed, R-NY, the other co-chair of the Problem Solvers Caucus, is among the Republicans invited to the session, along with Rep. Susan Brooks, R-In.

Gottheimer, who attended a bipartisan meeting at the White House last week on New York and New Jersey infrastructure projects, told reporters he planned to discuss the status of young undocumented immigrants with Trump, and push for a vote to address the expiring DACA policy.

"If there's bipartisan support to get something done, let's bring it to the floor and get legislation passed," he said.

ABC News' Mary Bruce contributed to this report.

News - Trump to host Schumer and Pelosi for dinner to discuss DACA, health care after flurry of meetings

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  • alan wong

    This amnesty is more than 800,000. More like close to 2 million.

    Both parties needs to die.

  • Bryan

    Having the Democrats at the table aint useful since they offer no positive ideas.

  • thee1truth

    One scoop for you
    Two scoops for ME
    I are the President
    Its all about ME.

  • Robin

    wow, his followers are going to love the fact that there is no more wall. Grab the popcorn.

  • Guest

    There are dems celebrating tonight.

  • MAG

    Bring out the chocolate cake!!

  • alan wong

    No Amnesty. Build the wall.

  • mtntrek3

    Ideally, the left/right should check and balance one another through cooperation/compromise. Hoping.... .

  • CoyoteTruth

    This is what a true President is supposed to do 🇺🇸

  • RAltiere

    if the President's outreach is not well received by Dems and Republicans too - shame on all of them. What is wrong with getting along and working for the American people instead of back stabbing every single day.

  • jjburns

    Hopefully Schemer and Pelosi realize that Trump cannot be trusted. A wooden nickel is more valuable than a Trump Promise. So Nancy and Chuck if you believe Trump, then suffer the consequences of being conned by a professional conman.

  • moleshired

    It just might be possible that Trump is smarter than Schumer and Pelosi. Let's see if he can win in the end.

  • sally

    Trump: Remember Reagan. He worked with the Dems, gave them what they wanted and they stabbed him in the back.
    Do not trust them. They hate you.

  • Alfred_E_NeumanIII

    Trump is a one term disaster if he pursues this insanity with the dems. He is turning into the swamp master instead of draining the swamp. I hope he has a master plan because if he signs DACA he losses his base.

  • Eric Meckes

    Hope he understands that by doing this, which by the way is a smart move in the short term to gain the ire of these useless RINO's, might not be a good thing in the long run as 2018 approach's and the Democrat's end up taking back the house and Senate. Playing with fire, if that happens he will lose in 20 as his base will desert him, Pelosi will become Majority leader and will pummel him over and over and over til 20. I hope he understands, the people voted him in because they were sick and tired of the swamp, which Schumer and Pelosi are a huge part of and because they wanted Hillary to be held to account for her lawlessness which he has yet to do. They all might be his friend today, but wait til he loses the house and his base, these Democrats will be coming for him with pitchforks.

  • Liberty88

    Yes, let's fight for the "rights" of those who broke in illegally. After all - they have "rights" while citizens have "responsibilities."
    What good is citizenship if you're giving it away to people who broke the law?
    Are we really citizens - or just placeholders?

  • Nut'ntoSeeHear

    I'm guessing this will be known as the "Gang that Ate".....

  • Oneirishman

    Kiss the GOP goodbye for being obstructionists, and a good chunk of Trumps base if he passes amnesty.

  • Joeybaggadonuts

    The R's haven't done squat for him so he has to gain leverage by reaching across the aisle. Then he can play both sides off the middle...he's a quick study. It's a genius move.

  • Prophet With Honor

    It don't work this way Bubba, both sides are conning thier own, real deals are made over crawdads and shine not haute cuisine .

  • texexpatriate

    This is what happens when a political party turns its back on its President. It does not surprise me at all. As far as both Democrats and Republicans are concerned America can go to hell as long as the federal tyranny can live.

  • HappyJack1

    I'd rather get a percentage of something from a bipartisan congress than nothing from the republicans and I've been a republican voter since 1968. Let's see if the republicans can get off their rear ends long enough to do something.

  • drno

    nothing's gonna change my country

  • Scooter Van Neuter

    The Donald better count the silverware afterward.
    Seriously, though - Ronald Reagan had no problem working with the other side of the aisle.

  • Freeurmindz

    Most spin I've heard from her. Maybe trump isn't in the fight for us anymore. I don't know but working with Schumer and Pelosi is like working with saddam Hussein or some other serial criminal who cannot change their ways. All these people do is fight to undermine and attack the American way. Why would he ever believe anything these evil deceitful human beings have to say. Trump is making a huge error here. Over and over again he holds out the olive branch to establishment D.C. Insiders and they back stab him over and over again.

    What's that saying fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Well shame on you Trump for being soooo gullible to think that you can bargain and work with these established corrupt people.

  • stillbill22

    The ball is in the Eddie Munster clones court now.

  • Alex Ross

    He still is the guy on that bus who props up bigots.


    Hey the Republicans can't do their job so Trump will bring a few Democrats on board to get it done. Plain and simple. Paul Ryan should resign from Congress and let a Conservative get the job done.

  • stillbill22

    It's not like today's republicans are actually conservative. I hope there is a midterm bloodbath for house republicans. Impose term limits vote straight anti incumbent.

  • Guest

    Let's get back to that impeachment thing.

  • ruelph

    In reality, Schumer and Trump have known each other for decades.

  • jimrussell

    Republicans have clearly proven the only way to get anything done is have Nancy and Chucks Party do it. Trump has confirmed and it is well understood an incompetent Republican Party of the stingy wealthy and covetous, who's rank and file are almost illiterate when it comes to economics, civics, and history, who knowingly and willingly became the the refuge of America's intolerant and are willing to place Party over country not only to accept a clueless manically insecure pathological proven serial liar as President but willing to enable him does not deserve to survive in the 21st century

  • mnc77024

    Well I couldn'\t eat with those two chumps at the table. And no, I'm not talking Trump.

  • Ken Trefaller

    Meeting with those two "traitors"is despicable.

  • cirgregorio

    Get a compromise done where a wall is built and e-verify implemented in exchange for DACA becoming law.