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  • Robert Holt

    Turn or burn Martin, turn or burn. Luke 13:3.

  • JockSavant

    He blew his chance to enjoy a little freedom while awaiting sentencing. this likely cost him half a million dollars (10% of 5 million) Proving to the world how stupid he really is. I hope he gets the maximum sentence and does not get any of his bail money back.

  • glynnis bugati

    Nice to have some good news for a change.

  • Fizzbin

    Pharma Bro, meet your new cellmate, "Kielbasa Bro".

  • ProCannonFodder

    So being released on bail means you lose your First Ammendment rights? The guy seems like a tool but seriously? This judge is power tripping and this country used to be free and would never put up with our rights being taken from us in the interest of not offending people.

  • Aimee

    The poor out of touch "Pharma Bro", desperate for attention, tweets something that lands him in jail. Lucky for him, he'll get plenty of that attention in jail. Dummy.

  • John Michael Davis

    Boy, it really sucks to be Pharma Bro! (LOL)

  • Ric M

    Very curious as to why my previous post was removed. It said, and I quote:

    "Ahh...did the wittle cyber-bully get put in timeout? GOOD!"

  • Wrecking Ball

    Maybe the prison will have a record player and he can listen to his Wu Tang Clan.

  • DB

    This guy will be someone Physiology Thesis one day.

  • Sejal

    Ben Brafman is a lowlife bottom feeder for defending the actions of this man.

  • JusticeOnTap


  • Keith

    Finally, some good news.

  • arriba65

    Actions have consequences. Whaddaya know.

  • Ron Fuller

    Another afluenza outbreak!

  • rachel441

    How is it even possible that someone this douchey and immature ever actually had people giving him money?

  • beingcurious

    All of this a distraction from his biggest crime: hiking price of an established drug beyond the reach of average Americans.

  • USAF Retired

    Part of the entitled generation who think rules or bail conditions don't apply to them.

  • Jenna

    Good! Now let's hope that this melodrama negates whatever Rich White Privilege would have kept him from getting the maximum sentence!

  • Holly II

    Anyone surprised he couldn't act like a normal human being even if his freedom depended on it?

  • Bill William

    He is just like all the other CEOs of pharmaceutical companies who jack up prices 1,000%. They could care less how many people die who cannot afford their medications. They claim it costs them millions of dollars in research but them you look at their profits. What makes Shkreli so obnoxious is his immaturity and childish defiance. He thinks he can give to middle finger to anyone.

  • Fizzbin

    Throw this punk worm into the most violent prison in America and leave him there.

  • TexasVulcan

    If anyone belongs in prison, it's this guy. Too bad his hiking the price of drugs (ones he bought but did not develop) was not a crime too. But then, they got Al Capone for tax evasion instead of murder.

  • thelastgabor

    Nice to see him back where he belongs.

  • tatanka

    Someday, Pharma Bro might learn to just sit down and shut up. At least the checks that mouth is writing still clear the bank.

  • CJS

    Government sure tries to silence freedom of speech wherever it can.

  • Rick Sanchez flashback 1998

    Political prisoner.

  • EM Burke

    The defense compared Shrekli to Trump, and Shrekli gets jailed. Finally, some "truth" comes forth.

  • Jamawani

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!

  • jkyjks

    maybe he will need medicine in prison. Hope he can't have it, can't pay for it.

  • Big0725

    How amazing delusional this boy is! This action today should tell him that the judge will have no more of his antics. Before today, I thought there would be a slim chance he could face probation. Now I see him doing real time. And not at a "country club" like Martha Stewart.

  • Tom

    A convicted felon out on bail soliciting violence against the former Secretary of State. I hope that will be considered by the parole board for his first, second, third, fourth and fifth hearing.

  • UniqueCD

    SERIOUSLY WHAT AN [email protected]@ HE'LL GET HIS SOMEDAY.........................