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  • Thomas Harris

    So my and everyone elses tax money is being paid to the insurer's so they can reduce cost to 6 million low income customers....why is this not additional welfare bring funded by the middle class tax payer without being told the truth?

  • Juvenal451

    THIS is the "high crime or misdemeanor" we've all been waiting for: flouting duly-legislated federal law in order to destroy our health care system.

  • Primo Veritas

    Woohoo! Trump has been shut down again. And I get to keep my insurance for at least another two years. Maybe by then, sane people will be elected and they can clean up the mess he has made so far. Like actually moving toward a single payer system.

  • mik8888

    Pas something, anything...just make Trump and Congress look good before the end of the year...

    THAT is the mantra right now...

  • colloguy

    Blue Cross Blue Shield, American Hospital Association, Pharmaceutical of America, America Medical Association all are in the top 10 of lobbying spenders in the US.
    Take a guess why costs in America are higher than any other place in the world.

  • Guest

    I will debate politics with someone all day but as soon as someone starts defending Trump's character you have completely lost me.... objectively this man is a garbage human being... if you can't see that you are either a sheep, have horrible character yourself or most likely both