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  • Truthfully

    A solution to the Healthcare Act bipartisan . What a Great Idea.
    Unfortunately ryan and mcconnell won't approve they just love that repeal garbage too much!
    How Sad!

    2018 changing of the guard??

  • Richard Remmele

    Another case of Trump not knowing what he is talking about. Under the law, insurance companies must pay out in claims, at least 80% of the total premiums that they take in or send refunds. That has been the law since 2010. In the first few years they sent small refunds, meaning that they were not over charging. Now they are not only not overcharging but they are not able to keep even 20%. That 20% is used to pay all expenses, fees, and taxes and hopefully make a profit.

  • Morgan O'Rourke


  • Tom

    Congress needs to quit ripping Trump on his zigging and zagging and give him something that he can sign. Then we can finally see which way Trump is going to zig/ zag.....
    He wants DACA to work for dreamers but puts it back to Congress....he wants healthcare to work but puts it back to Congress....the Executive is supposed to put things back to Congress which then passes laws and then he signs it. He is not supposed to rule in a one person vacuum.
    It seems like the country is calling Trump a fascist dictator yet he keeps pushing everything to Congress. Is that not the opposite of Fascism?

  • Samuel Winchester

    Trump needs to pull all those white nationalists dicks out of his mouth.

  • Samuel Winchester

    I already renewed my coverage for next year and my premiums came down by $20.00. In order to bypass Trump both house's need a 2/3rd super majority which means the smart people in those two house's the democrats only need to convince a few republicans and they can fixs what is broken in the ACA. Repealing the ACA is the wrong thing to do unless you are replacing it with a single payer system which the USA should have done 30 years ago. Because of the ACA the USA is no longer ranked second to last in healthcare in the world.

  • HottyToddy1

    trying to strike a deal with a deranged animal such as Trump is not a reliable endeavor, to say the least

  • oldschool

    Do we need anymore evidence as to his fitness to lead?

  • RichardBroderickJr

    Trump will sign whatever is passed and then claim it was his idea all along.

    Later, Trump will claim that using his humbleness alone, he made the Sun come up.

  • Tohmsa Hatrman

    President Yellowstain Bonespur's word has always been worthless. He sticks with a position for a shorter and shorter time period each time.