Oct 21, 2017, 4:41 PM ET

Trump says he'll allow release of JFK assassination files, with caveat


President Trump said he will allow the release of long-classified CIA and FBI documents about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy subject to "further information."

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A White House official said later that the release of the files could be held up if national security or law enforcement agencies believe that is necessary.

"The president believes that these documents should be made available in the interests of full transparency unless agencies provide a compelling and clear national security or law enforcement justification otherwise," the official said.

The thousands of Kennedy documents are set for release by the National Archives on Oct. 26, but it has been unclear if President Trump would block their release on the basis of national security concerns.

The president tweeted Saturday morning that he will allow the release.

Historians and other scholars are eager to sift through the more than 3,000 secret documents on the investigation into the 1963 assassination which over the years has spurred numerous conspiracy theories.

Trump himself dabbled in a conspiracy theory surrounding the Kennedy assassination when during the 2016 campaign he cited an unsubstantiated report that Rafael Cruz, the Cuban-American father of rival GOP primary candidate Ted Cruz, had been photographed with Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

The National Enquirer featured a photo of Oswald handing out pro-Fidel Castro pamphlets in New Orleans in 1963 alongside an unidentified man the Enquirer claimed was Rafael Cruz. The story was uncorroborated and Ted and Rafael Cruz both adamantly denied the allegation after Trump pushed the story in a phone interview with Fox News.

News - Trump says he'll allow release of JFK assassination files, with caveat

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  • Pat Babcock

    Hey, Joseph P Kennedy: Your family does not rule the earth. The President does not need to consult with you to do his job.

    Hey, morons: you want to look at a hurricane disaster? It wasn't under Trump. Tax con job? I'll believe that when your lord and savior Øbama releases his passport and college records. North Korea? Really?! That one belongs to Billy-Bob Clinton. Trump just gets to sweep up the mess. And who do you think deployed the US forces to Niger, where they've been for years? Deflection. From what?
    Hillary and a complicit Øbama giving away US Uranium to the Russians in exchange for "donations" to the Clinton Foundation, and payment for Billy-Bob's "speeches"? Huh. A little research, and something better than green jello in the ol' brain case would do you all good...

  • Bud Simpson

    Bob and weave, anything to avoid the issues that are of high interest. Say, Donny, while you're at it why don't you release your income tax records.

    Please let me thank you for the wonderful tax break you promised all of us middle class Americans, you hypocritical, two faced liar.

  • TrumpWINS2020

    It will be so heavily "redacted" that no one will learn anything.

  • Ajax Savage

    This guy fails at using the toilet. Loser!

  • MauiOhana808

    They were already scheduled to be released this year without donald's help......................another do nothing burger from donald
    the do nothing pres........
    Aloha : )

  • Mr Wayne

    There is always a caveat when Trump is involved.

  • jake

    Trump can release JFK documents which were classified but he won't release his tax returns which are not classified. Sounds like Trump.

  • Dave Park

    I'd guess that if a democrat was president NOW, no documents would be released as protecting the party means more to democrats.

  • Jim D.

    It is possible he thinks that this release will prove the involvement of Ted Cruz' father in the assassination.

  • Personal

    Well, I think this is the first decision DT has made that I think I might approve of (my knowledge is, of course, too limited to be sure) but I can’t help but think he has an ulterior, self-serving motive, because so far he always has.

  • Lena Bussman

    I think there's was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy. I will be surprised if its ever proven. I believe that because of all the controversy over Trumps decisions about everything that done he is now trying to do that will get him approval from the American people. The Kennedy's where loved by our entire nation. I remember watching them shot to death on my black and white tv when l was in first grade. For some reason l was home from school that day. People everywhere where crying over the death of the President. They tryed over all the Kenndys. So if Trump gets some great truth discovered about the killings of Kennedys he will be a hero to a lot of people and it will rebuild some of the trust they lost in him. Which would be amazing. I didn't vote for Trump but l don't hate him at all. I do disagree with a lot of the choices he has made but hey on not a President.

  • Aunt_tea04

    If you go to Wikipedia and search for /President_John_F._Kennedy_Assassination_Records_Collection_Act_of_1992 you will find that these records were scheduled to be released on Oct 26, 2017 barring a national security risk. It has NOTHING to do with Trump.

  • J W

    Roswell next?

  • hopesprings52

    When I was a kid I idolized LBJ and thought he was a strong leader. Now I know how he despised JFK, desperately needed to be president and got him to his turf in Texas for the hit, orchestrated the bogus Warren Commission and biggest cover-up in our nation's history. As an adult, I know that power hungry politicians in collusion with other powerful interests are capable of such evil. Who would ever suspect that the Secret Service would be complicit and the driver stop the car and actually deliver the coup de grace? By the grace of God, Zapruder captured it all on his film. From that point on, orders are reversed and we're deep into Vietnam. The evidence is clear for those who want to see.

  • carcar

    Guess Trump will tweet out that this is proof that Ted Cruz's dad killed JFK.

  • Truthfully

    Wether trump has any control releasing these classified documents the decision on what should be released should be up to Caroline.
    Some of these documents will be pictures and autopsy reports. Those don't need to be released.
    I hope people realize that everything was investigated. Including nut job conspiracies such as trumps saying Cruz's father was involved.

  • writergal

    Trump had nothing to do with the JFK files being declassified. This has been scheduled since 1992. He's just trying to take credit for it.

  • dan

    Well, I guess we'll see if the media stays on task or chases the next red herring.

  • SMRT

    This is what he’s focused on?

  • Alex Ross

    Hurry up Mueller. Lock him/it up.

  • Bree Zee

    More smoke and mirrors to deflect from his lies and incompetence. Don't see him yelling about Benghazi now that he has Niger, his own admin's email scandal, the continuous lies....yeah...he's SO much better than a politician, right? /sarc