Mar 14, 2018, 2:49 PM ET

Larry Kudlow to become Trump's next chief economic adviser


President Donald Trump has picked conservative economic commentator and former Reagan official Larry Kudlow to lead the National Economic Council, the White House confirmed Wednesday.

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Press secretary Sarah Sanders said the president extended the offer directly to Kudlow and that he has accepted the role.

“Larry Kudlow was offered, and accepted, the position of Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Director of the National Economic Council. We will work to have an orderly transition and will keep everyone posted on the timing of him officially assuming the role,” Sanders said in a statement.

Kudlow will replace Gary Cohn, who resigned last week as the president's chief economic adviser after he lost his fight to stop Trump from imposing steep tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

PHOTO: White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn, speaks to reporters during the daily press briefing at the White House, on Jan. 23, 2018 Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP
White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn, speaks to reporters during the daily press briefing at the White House, on Jan. 23, 2018

Kudlow, a CNBC commentator, also has previously opposed tariffs, but Trump said Tuesday that Kudlow has "come around" on the issue.

Kudlow previously advised the Trump campaign on economic issues. He also helped shape the Reagan administration's economic policy, when he served in the Office of Management and Budget.

The president has made no secret about Kudlow being a top contender for the job, noting his early support for his presidential bid even as he acknowledged, and welcomed, their philosophical disagreements on some economic issues.

"I've known him a long time. We don't agree on everything. In this case, I think it's good. I want a diverging opinion," Trump said Tuesday.

News - Larry Kudlow to become Trump's next chief economic adviser

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  • MickC

    No mention of his work on Wall St. with Bear Stearns - from which he was fired for cocaine and alcohol abuse in 1995? If a Democrat hired such a person, Trump would have tweeted 10 derogatory terms for him by the next day!

  • MickC

    Kudlow is a poorly-informed know-it-all. Trump will not long stand to have another like himself around.

  • TexasVulcan

    Why does President Trump want (or need) any advisors at all. He fires anyone who disagrees with him.

  • Pologize3

    Maybe he can teach Donald the difference between surplus and deficit.

  • Hank R

    Seems like a good choice.

  • Joblogs

    Trump is shaping up his team ..if people don't get results they are out ..resign or get fired use them for what they got then dump them ..but what Trump does not realise is he will lose ..sit back and enjoy the show guys the Grand Finale is coming soon to a white house near you

  • murray

    he better learn to say 'yes boss' in private and public or he won't last long in office.

  • Dr. Gurnicus Blanstonius

    It's interesting the Rick Perry has the heinie kissing skills to navigate the Trump administration. In another couple of years, he'll be the Surgeon General...

  • Dr. Gurnicus Blanstonius

    This morning it's being reported the president has admitted he "made things up" when discussing the "trade imbalance" between Canada and the US when discussing it with the Canadian prime minister. In other words, he admitted he lied. To our largest trading partner. To gain advantage. See what happens when people willing to marginalize the truth elect people willing to marginalize the truth? The US loses all credibility. Up in arms about NAFTA? Consider the president would brazenly lie and admit it to a world leader....don't think he'd lie to you to get elected? Think about that, Trump supporters and Republicans.

  • Jack25

    Yeah! More television personalities! What a joke Trump is. Loser.

  • Kobrakai7272

    Perfect microcosm of the Trump administration. This is a guy with no education or even particular experience in economics. He makes a good presentation on a third rate cable channel, and that, apparently, is enough.

  • virgillionhere

    Hired personally by Trump...fired by twitter...

  • Nearl45 5

    Have we reached the bottom of the barrel yet?

    Are we drinking the dregs?

  • virgillionhere

    He's been kissing Trump's behind on tv every time he opens his mouth.

    Why even have an advisor who is just gonna say "yes sir mr president that's a great idea you have."

  • tet1953

    Complete chaos. Hardly anyone wants to work for Trump, he has to shuffle people around.

  • ReviewTheFacts

    I hope he has experience in bankruptcy law, as that's where this country is headed if things go on as they are, with the so called "fiscal conservatives" raiding the treasury, giving massive monetary gifts to the rich and to corporations, and expecting us to pay for it. I'm sure we will eventually, with the dollar being devalued by half. When our wages are the same as third world countries, we'll be competitive with other countries for goods manufactured.
    Jesus, help us!

  • helicohunter

    I'm actually amazed that he picked someone with some knowledge of economics. He didn't get his degree in it, but at least grasps a few basic concepts. He's way overqualified for this administration.

  • Dukedaddy

    How long will it be before his past misdeeds are revealed. I'm willing to wager there is something in his past that will cause him to be fired in the not to distant future.

  • GorillaMyDreams

    "I want a diverging opinion,"

    Now, that is the funniest thing I've read all day!

  • Andy S

    I give him 3 months tops...



  • Your Worst Nightmare

    What's not to like? One second rate TV reality show host nominates another TV personality for a critical govt position. And one that appears to be ready to start Trump's ill advised trade war. Two idiots killing one of the best bull markets ever. You heard it here first.

  • FlorMedDoc

    My god we are in trouble. Trump may as well hired Bozo the Clown

  • Societyhater

    Next up, Sean Hannity joins the administration as either Secretary of Defense or head of the Department of Education

  • katerant

    A cable pundit. Why not?

    Next up: Stormy Daniels to be appointed to head National Weather Service.

  • My two cents

    Is Chris Christie still waiting for his phone to ring?

  • BassPlyr73 Again

    Best of luck, Larry. You'll probably need it.

  • concernedvoter

    I'm surprised Trump hasn't pulled out the Big Guns and called in Sarah Palin and Joe Da Plumber???

  • snake

    I watched Kudlow over the years on CNBC and he's a free trader but he has an affable personality and is always polite. He will be Trumps front man with the public and Congress but will have no say in policy.

  • concernedvoter

    What about Rudy Guliani? remember the Rudy that was on FAUX news yukking it up with the news anchors about some bad emails that would be coming out.. Hmmm? how did Rudy know that at that time?? nothing had come out yet??

  • sdoubledub

    Might not be as short as Scaramucci, but c'mon, what joke. Why not pick Jim Cramer, or the dude from Ferris Bueller?

  • Impetus

    So a Reagan advisor? Is this a trickle-down economics guy?

  • Smarter Then You

    The next clay pigeon is set in the thrower.


  • eeriesponsiple

    CNBC? Lol, Fox must be having a cow. I give him 5 months tops.