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  • windyblue

    she was just running adrenalin she looked so worn out and tired, but was not going to give up and kept going I am happy a woman won it. Hears to woman!! Great job.

  • bptr

    If she is from California, why does she sound like a NY Jew?
    She says "Bwawston"

  • Dicazi

    I had a brief desire to do a marathon at 1 time.
    Very brief.
    Congrats and respect to all the racers.

  • MAGreenA

    Congratulations! What an achievement!

  • Tom

    Congrats! Huge accomplishment.

  • Rocket Cat

    Congratulations to the winner, those who finished, those who didn't finish, and those who didn't qualify.
    You all tried your best, and had a good time doing it. Good luck next year!

  • idrinkalone

    Being a world class athlete is all about genetics. Sure, you have to be disciplined and practice but no amount of practice turns you into having world class physical capabilities.

    a 5'11" slow guy will never train himself into the NBA.

    a 6'6" small boned, weak, slow guy will never play in the NFL.

    And the only reason this American won was because the times were the slowest in the last 50 years!

  • running33

    The weather is so different from year to year for the Boston Marathon. Last year it was almost too warm, and this year it was so cold and rainy. I feel badly for all the regular runners who have to slog through that weather for four hours or more.
    Well done to all the participants. No matter what their time was today, they are champions!

  • LastSecondTakedown

    Awesome. Congrats.