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Archive: 'This Week' Transcripts

Below are links to transcripts of previous "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" episodes. Head to our homepage for our more recent show transcripts. You can see full video of past programs HERE . Like "This Week" on Facebook HERE . You can also follow the show on Twitter HERE . April 8, 2018 Show Read more

James Comey on whether Hillary Clinton received justice

I worked at the Justice Department has an AUS sane and DC and the policy was and I believe it's still is is that you cannot comment. On an ongoing investigation. And that is because it compromises the integrity of the investigation. And while. I've always been in such a fan of yours quite frankly. Read more

Top Republican woman in the House at risk in 2018 re-election bid

After House Speaker Paul Ryan announced his retirement last week, it looks as if there may be another Republican leader who may not return to Congress next year as well. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, fourth-ranking in leadership and highest-ranking Republican woman in the House, is facing one of the Read more

James Comey's wife warned him: 'Don't be the torture guy'

When your job is to handle the nation’s most classified information, it makes it difficult to vent about your day at work when you come home. That’s something former FBI director James Comey knows well. “It adds to your level of stress,” Comey said. “The rules are, if you're dealing with a Read more