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Colbert celebrates 'paper anniversary' of Mueller's Russia probe

Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling turns a year old on Thursday, and Stephen Colbert said he knows exactly how the special counsel might celebrate. "I am so excited," Colbert said Wednesday. "Mueller was appointed one year from tomorrow. "Of course, the first is anniversary is Read more

The Note: When Trump's words make his job worse

The TAKE with Rick Klein Hush money can speak loudly. But this week confirmed that words, as spoken by President Donald Trump and those in his orbit, don’t necessarily say something meaningful. The topics in question span from matters of health to matters of basic fact to matters that will play out Read more

Stephen Colbert's 'Stormy Watch' escalates with 'Hurricane Rudy'

Stephen Colbert's "Stormy Watch" segment on Thursday night featured a different, umm, storm. "It's not just a storm this time," the "Late Show" host joked, "it's Hurricane Rudy!" TONIGHT: Will tonight's episode of #StormyWatch be upstaged by #HurricaneRudy ? #LSSC — The Read more