Katie Quackenbush: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Katie Quackenbush: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
5 Fast Facts You Need to Know about Katie Quackenbush in video.
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A 26-year-old aspiring country singer has been charged with attempted murder after police say she shot a homeless man twice near Nashville’s Music Row in August after he asked her to move her Porsche SUV because loud music and exhaust coming from it were disturbing his sleep.

Katie Layne Quackenbush was arrested September 11, Metro Nashville Police said in a press release. The victim, 54-year-old Gerald Melton, was shot twice in the abdomen and remains hospitalized in critical condition, according to police. Quackenbush’s father, Jesse Quackenbush, told The Tennessean his daughter was acting in self defense.

Jesse Quackenbush told the newspaper his daughter fired the shots as a warning after he came toward her following an argument.

“She did say she closed her eyes when she shot both times, but they were warnings, and she thought she pointed away from him,” he told newspaper. “She didn’t try and kill this guy. She had no intention of killing him. She didn’t know that she hit him.”

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