Tupac Faked His own Death

Tupac Faked His own Death


Let's explore the possibility that Tupac Shakur pictures on death we have Suge knight saying that he did but more importantly we have a ELizabeth Greenwood A woman who actually fake to her own death wrote a book about it and it tells you how to fake your own death and Las Vegas is one of the states that faking your own death is legal

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Tupac is Going after real Power

paypal.me/terryhouse50 Tupac Shakur putting his plan into motion to be next to the candidates running for mayor of Atlanta or maybe even the president of the United States of America he surely was

Tupac May Be Alive !!!

paypal.me/terryhouse50 $ 10 $ 20 $ 50 Here's a Clear instance where medical science went through every proper procedure a girl's son mother father and family identified her body at the morgue