22 things to know about dating an Asian girl

Asian girls are great personalities which everyone loves to meet. People seek to date them girls because of certain attractions which they find appealing. Before dating an Asian girl, you need to understand what makes them special.

She will make you take your shoes off in her house

One of the things which you must know about dating an Asian girl is that they won’t allow you to enter their house with your shoes on. It’s an interesting factor about them.

She might make you use chopsticks

An Asian girl will probably make you use chopsticks when eating noodles or grains. This is a crucial part of their culture; therefore, if you are interested in meeting an Asian girl, know that you might have to use chopsticks to eat.

Don’t think she necessarily speaks an Asian language

A popular misconception about Asian girls is that they all speak Asian languages. Many Asian girls speak English and other European languages. Therefore, while dating an Asian girl, you can be assured to communicate in other languages.

Asian woman

She probably doesn’t speak a language other than English

It is a misconception to think Asian women don’t speak the English language. Many Asian girls are knowledgeable in languages and can speak and understand many languages. Assumptions that the Asian girl doesn’t speak any language aside from English doesn’t help with relationships. Please get to know them before assuming.

She will like you to understand some words of her native language

While it is true that many Asian girls speak English and other languages, they will likely want you to talk about a bit of their native language. This is important because there is a type of bond that comes from speaking with someone that speaks your language. You don’t necessarily have to tell her native language fluently, but at least you should understand some phrases.

She may have a childhood programmed by her culture

Culture and traditions are societal norms that have been ingrained in childhood. An Asian girl may have certain aspects of her childhood programmed by her culture. Understanding this will help in understanding her specific actions.

She does not necessarily know how to play the piano or other instruments

You should also have it at the back of your mind that Asian girls might not necessarily have the right skills for playing instruments. While some Asian girls can play some instrument, don’t assume that your Asian girl will have that knowledge. If you are the one that can play, maybe you can teach her how to play the piano.

She will like you to pay the bill at the restaurant

While many people believe in splitting the bill while eating in a relationship, don’t expect the same reaction from an Asian girl. Asian girls will always expect you to pay all expenses at the restaurant; therefore, when taking them out on a date, be fully prepared financially.

Her parents will not necessarily reject you because you are not Asian

It is accurate, and many families don’t want interracial relationships and marriages; however, it isn’t rampant. Don’t be too sure that her parents will not like you because you are black, white or of another nationality. Many Asian girl families are open to different races, so be free to approach them. It would be best to show that you desire the Asian girl and have the money to care for her; her parents want to love you.

She will often suggest you eat what her parents prepared

An Asian girl will advise you always to eat whichever meals her parents cook. If you are a person who doesn’t eat every food or anywhere, you will have to make an exception when it comes to Asian lady parents. It is essential to her that you taste what her parents prepare and approve of it.

Nice asian girl

Either ready to eat everything with her, discover new flavors

While dating an Asian girl, please be prepared to eat anything with her and that she suggests. Asian girls love people who can taste and eat meals together with them. While doing this, it allows both of you to discover new food flavors, which makes bonding better.

She will introduce you to tea

For dating an Asian girl, you should expect to be introduced to tea and other Asian beverages. There are many lovely teas which your Asian girl will like you to drink. Asia has one of the best tea you can have globally; they are medicinal and have an appealing taste.

She’s used to very spicy things

Before dating or meeting an Asian girl, consider that they are used to spicy things and foods. Therefore, if you are someone that doesn’t like spicy things, you need to get used to them to accommodate your Asian girlfriend.

She is very likely to have black hair

While hair colors don’t show nationalities or races, most Asian girls come with black hair. This is very typical for most people that have an oriental heritage. Their hairs are dark and heavily coiled naturally.

But she doesn’t have a lot of body hair

While having body hair depends on individuals, it is very unlikely Asian girls have a lot of body hair. For people interested in ladies with many hairs on all parts of their body, you may be disappointed. An Asian girl naturally has very few hairs on their body and is very clean shaved.

She isn’t afraid to do things you consider rude

People have different behavior and personalities; therefore, it is essential to note that Asian lady girls may do rude things. These things might not be rude to her; therefore, you have to be patient and very understanding. Every culture has its views; therefore, an Asian lady girl may be blunt or behave in a manner that you consider arrogant and rude. Communication is essential when these things come up.

She is used to people scratching the pronunciation of her name

Unlike European or English names, Asian names may be difficult to pronounce due to different letters. Most Asian girls are used to people scratching the pronunciation of their names. So if you don’t know the proper pronunciation, you could scratch it. Your Asian lady girl will not be offended because it is something she has become used to regularly.

Pretty asian woman

She pays a lot of attention to her appearance

Asian girls are pretty and well-endowed; therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised that they take time in taking care of their appearance. From her facials to nails and feet, an Asian girl pays massive attention to how people view her appearance. Therefore, be patient with her and allow her to do her thing. They cherish regular pedicures, nail fixing and use different kinds of face creams to look good.

She might have a weird or cheesy sense of humour

Most ladies like people who can make them laugh, and that are funny. However, for the Asian girl, they have a unique sense of humor which you might not be used to. What is funny to them might not be to you and vice versa. Just know that you will have a great time with them irrespective of that.

She can get dramatic for not much

Ladies generally are dramatic genders, and however, for the Asian girl, it is a particular case. Asian girls can be petty, and emotions might be heightened over small things. When this happens, be patient because it doesn’t last long, and they will be themselves.

Watch out for all stereotypes about Asian women, but some are cultural

There are numerous stereotypes about Asian ladies and women, but don’t take them to heart. Many of these stereotypes are cultural and don’t define how these Asian girls are. Get close to Asian women and talk to them about some of these beliefs you disagree with. Don’t let stereotypes affect your relationships with Asian women.

She’s super-quiet about health

A typical Asian girl is taciturn when it concerns well-being and health. Don’t expect many discussions about health because they rarely discuss such topics. If you want health information, ask them.

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